Bringing Institutional Knowledge to the Marketplace


Whether you’re looking to acquire IP rights, or monetize those you already have, EOS Technology Transfer can help you along each step of the way.  Now, more than ever, having the rights you need to gain entry or expand into a new market is crucial to the success of your business.

 Through its network of contacts throughout the United State and Pacific Rim, EOS can help you obtain the rights you need to secure the future of your business.

 Likewise, if you’re looking to monetize your IP assets, EOS will utilize its extensive network to help you obtain the best price for your assets. 

Diverse IP Bundles to Enhance & Strengthen Your Portfolio


Business Methods

Chemical Compounds

Communications & Networks

Electronics & Hardware

Energy Production & Storage

Manufacturing & Robotics

Mechanical Devices

Medical Devices & Sensors



Semiconductor Technology


Software & Algorithms

Transportation & Structure


Expertise in acquiring, selling, and licensing intellectual property

Full Service Brokerage for the Sale, Purchase, Licensing, and Cross-Licensing of:

  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • Trade Secrets
  • Technical Know-How

Representation during the Sales and Purchase Process:

  • Preparation of IP Asset Sales and Purchase Agreements
  • Preparation and Filing of Assignment Documents to Transfer Ownership

Escrow Agent for Funds during Sale and Purchase Process

Legal Support

U.S. law firm support to answer your intellectual property law questions

 To aid you with all of your Intellectual Property Law needs, EOS Technology Transfer is excited to partner with Keohane & D’Alessandro Intellectual Property Law.

K&D IP Law is capable of providing you with assistance in preparation, prosecution, and enforcement of intellectual property.

Please contact K&D IP Law for more information.


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